Friday, 31 December 2010

Too Sick To Pray (Alabama 3)

Country, acid house blues as they describe themselves.

Pity Party (Blockhead)

Another bit of ace music from the ninja label. Liking where they have gone with this.

Even (Plaid)

Nice relaxed plinkyness from plaid.

Wabbit (Misshin)

Great use of kids cartoons.

La La Land (Green Velvet)

Obnoxious thumping party music. If this doesn't get you in the party mood this NYE I duno what will! Party safe kids x

Fuck the Pain Away (Peaches)

Probably the best known Peaches track.

I Sit On Acid (Lords of Acid, Soulwax Remix)

Continuing in the same vain - beats and questionable lyrics : )

AA XXX live (Peaches)

Muted electro girl-rock from the one and only Peaches. Love her or hate her, she just doesn't care - and I for one just can't stop watching her.

Fat Controller (Squarepusher)

Squarepusher being his fat self. Loving the video to this.

Near Dark (Burial)

This album just stays with you.

Brown Paper Bag (Roni Size/Reprazent)

Bit of old Roni : )

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Friday, 17 December 2010

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Love In A Trashcan (The Raveonettes)

Wicked '60s feel and trash video. Funkstorung did a lush remix of this, but unfortunately I can't find it for you. It's not a million miles away from this tho.

Disconnected (Funkstorung)

Funky tunage from Funkstorung. Very nicely done vid. Love their industrial feel.

Love Is Better Than A Warm Trombone (Gomez)

One of my fave Gomez songs. There's two singers, but it's all about the backing singer and his gravelly voice.

We Don't Care (Audio Bullys)

Amusing little punk kid.

In A State (UNKLE feat. Graham Gouldman)

Such an interesting little late night sound.

Monday, 13 December 2010

Losing (Rita Lynch)

(Just to make it up to you after the last post.) This song has been played too, too man times in my house. What an awesome voice.

My Internet's Gone Down (Somegreybloke)

Sorry. I'm so sorry. I had to.

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Doctor? (Orbital)

Shout out. You know who you are. x

Williamsburg Will Oldham Horror, (Jeff Lewis)

This reminds me of Willy Mason, I love the bit about maybe whether we should be artists or dedicate our time to really achieving something like being teachers or uncorrupt police at least.

System addict, (Plump Djs)

Plump Dj's fat indeed speaker wobbling good stuff.

Prophesy in South Africa (acoustic), (Nitin Sawnhey)

Nitin Sawnhey is possibly a genius heres a nice acoustic version of one of his songs.

Attack of the 60ft Lesbian Octopus (Does it Offend You Yeah?)

Too, too much fun.
(Is this the new rave?)

Genesis (Justice)

I have to say I loved this band from the off. Pretty fat bass.

Mr Wobble's Nightmare (Kid 606)

And from something so nice to something super nasty!!! So funny, it's like a Mr Scruff video turned dark! If i heard this in a club I would spin out a treat :D

Tomorrow (Jono McCleery)

Now I dont have anything against auburn lovelies - I'm dating one ;) BUT have you seen this guy? He actually looks like sideshow bob!

Anyway, nice track. Cheers Russ!

The Humans Are Dead (Flight of The Conchords)

We used poisonous gasses - and we poisoned their asses!

The Terrorist (DJ Vadim)

Bay Area werewolf in London around the UK,
Will the wolf power eat shit and all the air waves?

Rape (Pharoahe Monch)

(And now for a little evolution from Reggae.)

Cherry Oh Baby (UB40)

Lamest/funniest 80s video ever!

Whine & Grine/Stand Down Margaret (The Beat)


Youth (Matisyahu)

Thanks for this to Povertron's little bro!

Vitamin A (Baba Brooks)

A classic - yes me lion.

Diamonds and Pearls (Mighty Diamonds)

May begin a little reggae session!

Novocaine For The Soul (Eels)

Lyrics rock in this one. What an amazing band. Love to quirky weirdo E man!

Fatso Forgotso (Kyuss)

Housemate played me this track. Awesome stuff.

Spinnin (Speech Debelle)

Wish I had of put a bet on this girl getting the mercury prize she hands down beats miss dynamite and really deserves a bit more recognition.

Hiphopapotamus and rhymenocerous, (Flight of the Choncords)

Hmmm Steve.

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Smoke and Mirrors, (Rjd2)

Massive thanks to the youths of Shepton Mallet for introducing the support worker to this band. Not nearly as good a vid as gotta work it out but a brilliant track.

M.E.T.H.O.D. Man (Wu Tang Clan)

One of my favourite hip hop tracks contains some of the funniest lyrics ever look out for the dr seuss & chitty chitty bang bang reference. There is something that really tickles me about the methodman informing me he don't eat green eggs and ham.

The Hard Stuff (The Herbaliser)

Herbaliser with a nice bit of chilled out Jazz spreading the message about the dangers of drug use.

Scattered People (Dead Prez ft Shabazz)

Classic hip hop from the days of skating and bunking off P.E.

DMT (Shpongle)

Believe it or not Raja Ram the main man in this band received his name from a shaman. Also strangely enough at least in the videos I saw claims his inspiration for most of his tracks came from having partaken in some halluigens while lying in a hammock. Shpongled I guess.

Ratamahatta (Sepultura)

Superb video discovered this on MTV as a kid, I don't think I have seen or heard anything qute like it since on mainstream tv. I love how dark the little characters are.

NY Excuse, (Soul Wax), Justice remix

Is it not great when one good band does a good remix of another good band. Heres some loud and ruckus sounds to upset the neighbours courtesy of soulwax and justice.

Les Nuits, (Nightmares on wax)

I think this is one of the best tracks I have ever heard and it only seems to get better with age. I would recommend this band to anyone who likes chillout and with particular praise I would mention this album "Car Boot Soul".

Broken Home, (Burial)

Burial again with another excellent track.

The Light, (Cujo), (Amon Tobin)

Cujo alter alias Amon Tobin. Really like some of this early stuff as a contast to Tobin's later work. Was quite impressed by this fan vid too hope you enjoy.

At the end of the day (Amon Tobin)

This guy is a pure musical genius. If you like his stuff check out some Cujo his previous work its different but just as good. Wish I could find a better video to do this track justice.

Friday, 10 December 2010

Kemuri, (DJ Krush)

Dj Krush, Ex Yakuza turned Dj. Probably one of my favourtite artists I never seem to get bored or this guys music.

Police in Helicopter, (John Holt)

A reggae classic shame I did not fi no decent videahs.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Sing (Four tet)

Funky blippy fun from one of mine and Dan's favourites.

Love Buzz (Nirvana)

An absolutely killer song by the one and only Nirvana. Teenage love!

Plateau (Meat Puppets)

This is the original version of Plateau. It's a wicked song which I love playing.

Railing (Roni Size/Reprazent)

There weren't a lot of good tracks on this album compared to his old stuff, but I always thought this one was fun. Got me from a to b on my bike anyway!

The Illness (Kid 606)

What is it with me and electro in the mornings?

Monday, 6 December 2010

Crimewave (Crystal Castles Vs. Health)

It's like Im IN Urban Outfitters! x

Bone Machine (Pixies)

You're so pretty when you're unfaithful to me.

Rong Radio Station (Benjamin Zephaniah)

I thought I couldn't trust me, in fact I wanted to arrest me. Ben in the cab talking about the wrong station. Bet the cabbie regretted picking him up.

Chiggers (Seasick Steve) Black cab sessions

Cabsick Steve Plays chiggers in the taxi. A living blues legend?

Black Swan (Thom Yorke)

The ever so talented Thom Yorke of Radio Head with a brilliant bit of chilled out tuneage for your weary ears.

Sunday, 5 December 2010

Donny Soldier (Devvo)

Totally the wrong season for this but still!

Little Man (Skinnyman)

This track features samples of one of my favourite films, Made In Britain.

All Night (Submotion Orchestra)

Lush vocals. Thanks Russ :)

SIlly Noises

This song is sung my Alexei Sayle and was on one of my favourite shows, The Young Ones.

Homeless (Burial)

Mmmmmmmm :)

For Jonathon (The Album Leaf)

Nice mellow ambient stuff this band really helped me get through the hours sat drinking coffee and panic stricken scurrying to meet essay deadlines at university. Another one of those videos with lots of pretty earth stuff like clouds and sky.

Slight Return (BPA feat. Iggy Pop)

The return of Norman Cook AKA Fat Boy. The whole album is excellent and includes a wide selection of artists, it was really refreshing for me at the time and was nice to see Iggy back and rocking it.

The Rip (Portishead)

I got really into the Third Album when I first moved to bristol and was living in grotty Bedminster where it all seemed a bit grey and bleak, possibly as I was really poor and constantly travelling to and From Bristol and Cheltenham at the time. I managed to snap this up on an etched vinyl and love the melancholy sound of this track. From the album Third.

Flow Chart Fast Forward Remix (Lali Puna)

Pretty sure this is a fan vid but it is really well done and suits the track. I think this an excellent bit of blippery good for strolling around with mighty headphones on.

Building Steam With a Grain of Salt (DJ Shadow)

The Excellent Mr Shadow, The Video is from the beautiful documentary Dark Days. Depicting the underground world of a homeless community in New York.

Three Little Bears (Jimi Hendrix)

One of my favourite Hendrix tracks this.

Cosmic Gypsies (Braintax,Jehst & Task Force)

Guilty pleasure.

J (Dr Octagon feat. Fanatix)

Dr Octagon track from 411 skate video unsure of title. Featuring the street skating board master Rodney Mullen (much Better than Tony Hawks in my opinion).

Mash up Hendrix, Bowie and others (Addictive TV)

Another Fine Mash up Jimi Played Guitar.


Hallo Gallo (NEU)

I am not sure what it is I like so much about this track but it has become one of my favourites. From the people who brought you Krawtwerk Neu well ahead of their time.

This is the Thing (Fink)

Discovered this guy when out buying randoms in Badland in Cheltenham don't bother looking it is not there any more. Fink was originally an Dj on the ninja tunes label and had to pretend to be someone else to get them to let him change into the singer songwriter. Jo and I saw him live at Bloom a ver nice guy and a good artist.

Dead Flag Blues (Godspeed You! Black Emperor)

Really like this tune excellent samples and very nice progression. Really like the video to this contributed by a fan of the group.

Can I get a witness (Sofa Surfers)

Classic Dan chilling out track. Thievery really go great with summer evenings chilled but not boring.

A Good day to die (Sofa Surfers)

Not sure why I like this as much as I do its very chipper for a song thats chorus is a good day to die.

4 (Aphex Twin)

Nice bit of time dilation video for lack of correct term. Courtesy of the fat-pie site. Some of the mellower side of Mr Richard James

Moth (Burial & Four Tet)

One of my favourite tracks by burial absolutely no luck finding an offordable copy of this on record but here it is for free. A great late night track for staggering into the next day.

Saturday, 4 December 2010

Drain the blood (Distillers)

Teenage lesbian love fro this woman!

Coffee and tv (Blur)

This is one of the cutest videos!

Dj Rectangle

He's like the biggest dork you ever met - and stupidly good at scratching.

UK warriors (Roots Manuva)

Because I can't help but love this little shuffle.

True Skool (Coldcut feat. Roots Manuva)

Great song.

Street Guru (Nitin Sawhney)

Sawhney sampling an apparent taxi driver rambling questions and ideas about life.

Nathan 'Flutebox' Lee live


Dad's breakdown (Psapp)

Courtesy of Dan :D

Eros (Late Night Alumini)

Lovely song, great vocals. Really chilled out.

There is a light that never goes out (The Smiths)

While we're in this luscious 80s category, here's my fave song by The Smiths.

Just like heaven (The Cure)

I cannot help adoring this band. I love them to bits! What is it about depressing music that makes me so darn happy?!

Auto rock (Mogwai)

The first track on the Scottish band's Mr. Beast album. (They have many, many more that just have to be checked out. This album came with a DVD which included a section where they talked about how people like to use their music. Apparently people like to fall asleep to it, make love to it, etc etc. The falling asleep part would start off well but very quickly you'd be woken up by them making a hell of a lot of racket. Otherwise I can't help but feel that the prog aspect of their music would make sex amusing?

Faking the books (Lali Puna)

Lali Puna are probably the most sincere electro band. With beautiful vocals and a real artistic talent. Plus every singly song of theirs is lush. Plus the album 'I thought I was over that' has a rabbit in headphones on the front of it. I heart! (This is not their music video, btw.)

Hurt (Johnny Cash)

When I first heard this I didn't make the link that it was a NIN song. I have no idea why, but it's pretty embarrassing. I have to say I love the Trent Reznor version, it's bitter, it's haunting, it's controlled, it's angry and it's sad. But when it gets going, there's something that Cash has added to it that I just can't help liking more. It's funny because it's the only Cash song I like. And he didn't even write it. Guess I'm not a cash fan!

Transmission (Joy Division)

I always loved Joy Division, but they had faded into the background of my collection somewhat. But recently I was in Prage when I entered a nifty little 2nd hand bookshop that was below the street level. It had crazy hippy rugs and every book had been cherry-picked. I stood for a while absorbing the atmos when I realised I was listening to some rather rare Joy Division tracks. Then it flooded back over me.

Oh the joy of Ian Curtis. I've just started reading the book about him written by his wife Deborah. It's not easy going. He was a manipulative, childish control freak and it's pretty hard reading her telling you how he was and then going on to say how much she loved him. But all this is besides the point. If you haven't seen it and you're interested in the band, do watch Control. I loved it. Sure it's pretentious but the band covering these songs sound just like the band and Sam Riley who plays Ian in the film is amazing. Sorry about all the people talking over the video, but I needed to find live footage of Ian doing his mad thing!

Rubber Johnny (Chris Cunningham/Aphex Twin)

Now I will be the first to admit that this song's not for everyone. But it's not meant to be. It's supposed to be an experimental short film with a dark sense of humour. It's pure genius.

DMT (1200 Micrograms)

1200 Micrograms have a track about pretty much most drugs I can think of. Featuring the voice of Terrence Mckenna (if you don't know who he is - research him!!!!) and some over-sampled sections of the matrix.

Beija flor (Shpongle)

With a distinct latin influence, here's another king of psytrance, showing a completely different side of the genre.

I'm the supervisor (Infected Mushroom)

This band are absolute kings of this dark rave sound. This is the title track from their first album.

Heartbeats (The Knife)

Great track by electro-poppers The Knife.

Insomniac olympics (Blockhead)

This is the first song I ever heard from Blockhead, if you like this do check out more by them because they've bought out two amazing albums so far. The video's really interesting.

Chase the devil (Max Romeo)

Staying with the oldschool reggae feel, somebody tell Jay-Z to get in line :D

Big seven (Judge Dredd)

This song is a bit of a ska classic.

Weapon of choice (Fatboy Slim)

One of the best Fatboy slim videos! Featuring Christopher Walken, who apparently always wanted to be a dancer.

Big city nights (Darf Punk)

This is such a memorable video!

Way out (Yeah Yeah Yeahs)

Karen O completely rocks my world. And I know I'm not the only one! When my fried first introduced me to these guys it was with a live DVD in which she was sprawled out on the floor of the stage in a silver jumpsuit with the microphone in her mouth making the weirdest noises. Love at first sight!

Biscuits for breakfast (Fink)

I have this guy on LP and I love it, he's not soppy but he has a really nice voice. He's angry, he sings about modern things, he's really good with the old spanish guitar.

Friday, 3 December 2010

Litte things (Lamb)

Lamb live. WHAT a band!

Eating spiders (Psapp)

From their first album. I love the lyrics!

Kitty (Presidents of the USA)

These guys are teenage fun rock with the most ridiculous/genius of lyrics and fun memorable riffs. You can't overlook them they've come out with so man great songs!

United states of whatever (Liam Lynch)

This song is a bit of a running joke in my house. We all love it to bits tho!

Ramble on (Led Zeppelin)

Oh led. Where to start... Here, I guess!

Pardon me (Incubus)

Brandon Boyd, WHAT a prick! But they do rock. Here's a live track from their Morning View Sessions. if you want to listen to the rockier original click here.

Everybody's gotta learn sometime (Beck)

This is 80s cheese by The Korgis. I don't know how but Beck made it good. I only added this video for the clip of Jim Carey crying!

Your love (Kid Carpet)

Sticking with the makeshift feel, this is absolutely my favourite song from electro-pop whizz Kid Carpet! I read out these lyrics in a creative writing class and I can't say anyone was impressed - oh well!

All I want for xmas is a dukla prague away kit (Half Man Half Biscuit)

I love the makeshift feel of these guys!

Once in a lifetime (Talking Heads)

You know you're going to be amazing friends with people when you're staggering home singing this song and they start singing along :D

Pimpa's paradise (Damien Marley)

Now I'm not sure if this is complete sacrilege (some of the lyrics to the rapping are exceptionally dodgy) but for some reason I really like this. Guess it's ok to rip off you dad (so long as you're not Kelly Osborne)!

On my radio (The Selecter)

This is a very famous ska song with a tidy little beat. The singer's wicked.

Gods and monsters (I Am Kloot)

The title track from Kloot's album.

All along the watchtower (Jimi Hendrix)

Whenever I hear this song I think of this clip from much worshipped cult film 'Withnail and I'.

Weeping willow (The Verve)

The Verve are literally the sound of my depressing teenage years! They're bleak, they're beautiful. What more do you need?

Emit remmus (Red Hot Chili Peppers)

One of the best songs from an album that will never, ever get old - Californication.

The pusher (Blind Melon)

Great little sunny day version of the Steppenwolf tune.

O green world (Gorillaz)

If you're a fan on Gorllaz I'd recommend getting their DVD. The band are silhouetted against some of their amazing animations as they play. You can view the DVD version of this song here.

Where did the night go (Gil Scott-Heron)

More of a poem from the new album.

Mouthful of diamonds (Phantogram)

Another track from Eyelid Movies. What an album!

Don't pick it up (The Offspring)

This and smash are clearly the Offspring's best albums (although I love the self-titled album for the track 'Jennifer lost the war'.

Debaser (Pixies)

I'm amazed I've got this far without any Pixies. Bit of a crime really!

Every Morning (Sugar Ray)

I said to a friend not to long ago that this was my happy song.

My friend sent me back this.

The way I walk (The Cramps)

More of this dirty american RnR sound I can't get enough of. The cramps are a 70s/80s band that got a lot more recognition recently after Agyness Deyn was seen wearing one of their t-shirts.

Lie To me (Tom Waits)

Legendary rocker Tom Waits and his beautiful gravelly voice.

Orphan's Lament (The Urban Voodoo Machine)

Sticking with the clown theme, what an awesome vid too! I'm loving the really dirty Rock'N'Roll at the moment :D

Up his nose it goes (Freddy Frogs feat. Ed Cox)

Ed Cox's clowncore mixed with Freddy Frogs' unique bounce. I love this track can't get enough of it and the voice in it is really amusing.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

When I'm Small (Phantogram)

This in fact isn't a Phantogram video, but one done by the youtube star Brookers. I fell in love with the song and the video always stuck in my mind, so I felt they shouldn't be separated.

Kid Koala Live Mix


I'm crazy 'bout my baby (and my baby's crazy 'bout me) (G Swing)

Love this track. Listened to it endlessly and I still love it. (Original by "Fats" Waller)

Bebikukorica Nigiri (Venetian Snares)

Venetian Snares are literally electro giants. This is one particularly filthy tune and a personal favourite.

Thou shalt always kill De a Soul remix (Dan le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip)

So if I'm honest my love for Scroob ran out pretty fast as I got really bored of how over-played his records were, and think nothing to the new album. But I love this De la Soul remix. (If you haven't heard the original, it's here.)

Human Traffic Koop

This is my mini-homage to Human traffic, if only because the music in it is so good, and it rose the Itchy Trigger Finger Niggers to fame.

Its also ridiculously funny in French!

Little Richard on Jimi Hendrix

This made me laugh so much as Little Richard (famous for singing 'Good Golly Miss Molly' and a hundred songs just like it) seems like he's out of it as he reminisces on another spacecake - the legendary Jimi. What a hazy decade the 70s must have been.

Pencil full of lead (Paolo Nutini)

Paolo Nutini is a twenty-something year old that somehow channels the voice of a gravelly eighty-something blues singer. Most of his songs get on my nerves as they're so damned chirpy but this is really a bit of a diamond.

Mario A Capella (Redefined)

How funny is this? And you have to give 'em kudos for all the moves they made up!

Smile around the face (Four Tet)

Music video features Mark Heap (Spaced, Jam, Greenwing), who apparently can juggle anything! I have to say I've watched him intently in shows since then and I'm pretty sure it's true! Anyway, I deviate, this is a lush little track by Four Tet that's probably been on adverts.

Come on my selector (Chris Cunningham/Squarepusher)

Definitely a good song but I totally love this for the freaky video!

Broken (Polar Bear [Poet])

This is an example of some awesome poetry I've been getting into recently. It's by Polar Bear the poet not the band. I thought I could get away with sneaking it in since it's to music :D

The Bloody Apprentice (Cassetteboy)

Now I don't know if this counts as music or not, but I own two of their CDs so I'm guessing this belongs in here. They've only just started doing videos, and this is by far the funniest one they've done so far (check out an earlier example here).

Cute Kid

I put this one in as a little bit of a joke. This kid does rock tho man! Bless his little cottons!

Rewind (Cylob)

The electric voice in this song rocks socks. The girl fighting vid does get a little boring after a while but it's a great concept.

On your way (Album Leaf)

Album leaf have a lovely soft sound and this video is really sweet. Great chillout band.

Salvador (Hexstatic)

One of the first songs I heard by Hexstatic.

Hi (Psapp)

This is another really cute video from Psapp, from their first album.

Mash Up (Hexstatic)

This video is from a ZenTV Dvd we own. It's a mix of lots of different tracks from the Ninja Tunes label, whose videos are on the DVD. Hexstatic are just showing off, really.

Inside (Stiltskin)

Now I'll admit that this song is a little trashy, but the '90s child inside me can't help it!

Heroine (The Lovegods)

This is an early indie track by a band who deserve a lot more recognition.

Verbal (Amon Tobin)

Amon Tobin is a master of darker sounding fat electro songs, and yet somehow there's something so understated about him.

Come to daddy (Aphex Twin)

This is probably the best known Aphex song.

Where's you're head at (Basement Jaxx)

Now I'm not the biggest fan of Basement Jaxx but they've certainly bought a few golden tracks to the table. Guess I love this one more for the video tho.

The harder they come (Jimmy Cliff)

I have so many fantastic memories of getting high in a mate's bedroom and listening to Jimmy Cliff. Brings a smile to my face.

Everything is under control (Coldcut rmx by DJ Kentaro C)

A darker side to Coldcut.

Tones of home (Blind Melon)

Blind Melon are a truly inspirational band that churned out some of the most memorable underground indie sounds of the 90s. The lead singer is dead now and although they continued until 2008 for me the band stopped there. I read a book about him and it was so interesting to find out they started out as a metal band!

Dusted (Leftfield)

Fantastic, crisp sounding track featuring Roots Manuva :D

Communication break-down (Hexstatic)

I love this little track, it's a lotta fun.

Over my shoulder (I Am Kloot)

I Am Kloot are one of the sweetest indie bands I know. This song is from their album Gods and Monsters.

My red hot car (Squarepusher)

Great fresh catchy track with a very industrial video.

Distorted minds (Hexstatic feat. Juice Aleem)

Hexstatic showing their darker side. This video is a literally amazing example of these VJs' mad skills!

Impression (Beardyman)

The sound of Beardyman's voice fills me with smiles. This little gem shows his uncanny ability for impressions.

Dog house boogie (Seasick Steve)

My god, what a guy! We must have 3 odd Seasick albums and he's still going strong. I love his music, I love his lyrics, anyone who can rock a 3 stringed guitar like that is a genius in my eyes!

Work it out (RJD2)

Rjd2 added a more sincere twist to the new relaxed sound of hip-hop over the summer, this video helps it to stand out as a great track.

The beat that my heart skipped (Dan le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip)

Scroobius Pip doing this thing as he does it best!

Got to Rock (DJ Vadim)

Vadim is a DJ worthy of a lot of respect. He's bought out some amazing Hip-Hop tracks featuring some great rappers. This is not really one of those tracks. In truth it's more than a little bit silly, which is why I like it :D

L-Virata (Hexstatic)

Hexstatic are wonderful little VJs. This track from the album Master View came with 3d Glasses!

I love acid (Luke Vibert)

Where do I begin with Vibert? I mean really? Anyone who'se really into their electro should know who this is already. Vibert's sounds is incredible. A late friend of mine who was unfortunately a little too into being a fiend and is no longer with us used to come up to me when I was in college and whisper 'I.. love.. acid' into my ear. His albums Lovers Acid and Yoseph are my faves from this time.

On (Aphex Twin)

WHAT a beautiful song, the video is really cooky (I adore stop-motion anyway). Completely classic.

Fender Bender (Kid Koala)

I got into these guys when I was going through my 'I love Ninja Tunes' phase. This is certainly one of the classics. (Also, the little pigeon really amuses!)

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