Friday, 29 April 2011

The Crusher (The Cramps)

Squeeze your partners head until she's blue in the face yeah, do the crusher

God Save The Queen (Sex Pistols, Leftfield Remix)

Happy bank holiday here is a tasty leftfield treat for all the people who did not get an official ticket. I hear Prince Andrew is selling them according to Ian Hislop. Paul Merton is clearly a fan too.

Monday, 18 April 2011

My boy builds coffins (Florence and The Machine)

I did actually take this down as I thought I'd lost it, but here it is agaiN! Yay. Sound quality is a little off as she has the biggest lungs!

Then there's her (Swayzak)

This is from an album that really grew on me, by a band who are hugely underrated.

It's all in your hands (Lamb)

This live version is getting me in the festival mood! I want to be drunk somewhere at the back of this crowd.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Theme from a dream (Desmond Williams)

Suitable for a track uploaded while sleeping.

Lord of Our Vice (Blue Sky Black Death)

Another bit for the vinyl wish list, another artist I look forward to exploring more in depth. Reminds me of Nujabes rip.

Bitstream (Phonem)

Ambient niceness for late night or any time of day when you want to relax. I need to listen to more from this band so much to listen to so little time.

Rare Gold (J Toth, THEDFLstl)

Found this through Searching J- Toth who worked with MF doom. Not really sure who did the track or the video I will call them THEDFLstl for now as they uploaded the video and say J-Toth Sound engineered the track for them. Anyway its a long way of saying this is a good track and video synergy worthy of living here for a while.

Isolation (Joy Division)

Sticking with the downtempo

Out of Time (Blur)

As a group in my Avant Garde class have been given the title of this song to devise their final piece this song has been stuck in my head!

Spin Spin Sugar (Sneaker Pimps)

It seems like this is super re-mixable track as it's been done so many times. Like this original tho by those who pimp sneakers - SO 90s!

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Mentira (Manu Chao)

Lovely smooth latin vibe

Cash and carry me home (Ghostpoet)

Thanks to Charlie for introducing me to Ghost Poet. Nice to see a a messenger with a message again, but the guy cites Gil Scott as an influence so expect some conscientious rapping from this Gent. "I'm begging you plase carry me home".

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