Monday, 31 October 2011

Jock Stewart (Ewan McLennan)

Little bit of Scottish folk,hope you like.

We Are Them (Siena Root )

so there i was wondering what it would be like if zepplin had a little stoner rock baby and then BOOM !

Dancing On Our Graves (The Cave Singers)

An amazing Mike Ott directed video for "Dancing On Our Graves" by Cave Singers on their debut album,
cant get enough of this track,

Mi Kple Dogbekpo [African scream contest ]

Raw And Psychedelic Afro Sounds ... Africa's answer to james brown, try not to dance , i dare you !

Maggie's Farm (Rage Against The Machine )

righteous noise !!!

Penny For A Thought (Saul Williams)

vivid and striking

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Survive it, Ghost Poet

Really adore this whole album suprised there is not more on the blog bearing in mind how often we listen to this. Humble and enjoyable.

no regrets (Aesop Rock )

hip hop greatness , from a lyrical genius

God (Alternate Take) (John Lennon)

this is a really heartfelt version, i think its live , and its beautiful

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

All that I need (Blind Melon)

Al oldie but me and Dan know it so well we often look past it. I know Andy said he liked this and it made me think that the less polished melon is probably not as well known.
All that really matters is what matters to me.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Mystery of Chessboxin, (Wu Tang Clan)

I do not give a fuck if you think its too much hip hop no one said I was going to balance this stuff out or moderate my filthy tongue.

The strain ,(Blockhead)

Really enjoy this band. Got nothing good to say enjoy the track.

England, (Jehst)

I have been playing this for ages about time I bothered to post it. Starkey amuses me.

What a waste (Ian Dury)

This takes me right back to my Music A Level, when I first found out what a legendary character this guy Dury was, I've loved him ever since. This track was written about his declining health.

Opt (Mc Cox)


Saturday, 1 October 2011

Send Help (Paper Tiger) (Doomtree)

Put it on repeat and drift away , one of the all time top ten !

Re-Evolve (Doom tree, Mike Mictlan)

This is real hip hop . it dosnt get better than this!, The rapper is Mike Mictlan, a member of Doomtree that also releases solo work,, From the CD Meat Tape. as far as i know was put together by pos and turbo nemisis, (whatch this space for more from them )

Haunt (Glue, Doom tree )

glue consists of members of the doomtree family.
They are Adeem, Maker and DJDQ
Best played loud

Wolf Like Me (Tv on the Radio)

this song is just hot. would defiantly be on my sex tape mix !

Hello Tomorrow (Karen O )

short but sweet, like a modern lullaby

Love Rollercoaster (Red hot Chili Peppers)

I actually had to!

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