Saturday, 24 January 2015

B-Sides & Rarities Vol. 2 (Deftones)

dont normally post full albums.
 but this has an acoustic version of the boys republic , cant even breath and jealous guy buy lennon to name a few--
 01-Can't Even Breathe (Escape from L.A Soundtrack)(00:00)
 02-Teething (City Of Angels Soundtrack)(03:43)
 03-To Have And To Hold (Depeche Mode Cover)(07:20)
04-Night Boat (Duran Duran Cover)(10:12)
05-Damone (Around The Fur's Hidden Track)(14:50)
 06-The Boy's Republic (Bonus Track Limited Edition Red & Black)(19:53)
 07-Sleep Walk (Santo & Johnny)(24:35)
 08-Lovers (Hexagram Single)(27:08)
 09-Drive (The Cars Cover) (Clean Version Bonus Track)(31:21)
 10-Jealous Guy (John Lennon Cover)(36:12)
 11-Cherry Waves (Acoustic) (Mein Single Bonus Track)(40:22)
 12-The Boy's Republic (Acoustic)(45:26)
13-Sweetest Perfection (Depeche Mode Cover)(50:15)
14-FYIHYD (Fuck You I Hope You Die)(57:41)
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